Diosa Collection

Diosa, our spring and summer collection, is meant to be fun and sexy with both fruity and floral scents that will reveal your inner goddess. My inspiration behind this collection is the Latina culture. Being a third generation Mexican-American, I grew up with sayings such as "Piña pa la niña" and "Niña fresa" from my grandparents, tias, mom and telenovelas such as "Rebelde" (yes I am taking it wayyy back!). The set in this collection that I not only find meaningful but impactful as well is the Diosa sugar scrub and Diosa body oil. The aroma of passion fruit and rose evokes desire for self-love and self-care. So whether you're a Niña fresa, a Bad B*, or a Mimosa mami (Sunday brunch kind of girl) I feel like this collection is for you and will awaken your inner Diosa.